Marine safety LLC

"What we do today can save lives tomorrow"

“Marine Safety” is a service station and supplier of equipment for crew safety, firefighting on board ships, as well as lifeboats and lifting devices. Our stations are certified by international classification societies for periodic inspections and equipment testing. Our experienced team of highly skilled and professional engineers with over 15 years of experience is the key to gaining trust from our customers when they use our services to ensure crew safety on their vessels. Our mission is to provide maintenance for life-saving equipment, certify the life-saving equipment of your vessel, and issue the necessary certificates without disrupting the schedule of your vessels 24/7.

Our services

Inspection and testing of lifeboats and davits

Supply, testing and repair of fire-fighting equipment

Pilot and embarkation ladders manufacturing

Delivery of emergency rescue equipment, inspection and testing

Inspection, testing of cargo cranes and lifting devices

Inspection, testing sensors

Equipment protective cover production

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The Company has a Certificate of Recognition of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping,
the Russian River Register

We are representatives in Russia
The company has authorization to carry out the above works from European manufacturers and from Chinese manufacturers